Bracket GBP-5900

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Note: In standard construction bracket top and back are open, if you need these to be closed please contact us for a quote.

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Brand: Prestige Brackets

Description: PVC Bracket

 Decorative Bracket Installation

 Structural Bracket Installation


19"P x 31"H x 4"W, 30"P x 42"H x 4"W, 30"P x 42"H x 7 1/4"W, 36"P x 36"H x 4"W, 30"P x 30"H" x 6"W, 34"P x 34"H" x 6"W, 18"P x 36"H" x 4"W, 18"P x 24"H" x 4"W

Paint or Stain

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