Prestige DIY PVC Soffits offer easy, quick installation with standard widths, premium 1/2" PVC, and an Easy-Fit system, featuring architectural joints, transition corner panels, and vented options for maximum airflow.

Soffit Panels – Vented or
Solid with Smart Lock™ Technology

Prestige Soffit Panels™ are an improved soffit system that allows for maximum airflow. Our vented soffit has an 8/4 repeating pattern that provides 10 square inches of free air space per lineal foot. Our innovative nature allowed for another solution for a quick and easy installation.

Available Panels

  Soffit_detail1  Soffit_detail1

What Makes the Prestige Soffit Panels Different?

Note: Our vented soffit has an 8/4 repeating patter to provide 10 Sq. in. for free air space per lin. ft.

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