Prestige DIY PVC Pergolas include four beams, six rafters, and all necessary hardware for fast and easy installation, with customizable tail styles and options for aluminum beams and rafter stiffeners, enhancing your outdoor space with shaded elegance when paired with Prestige Columns.

Pergola Styles

Each of our Pergola kits come with four beams and 6 rafters along with all the hardware required to make the
installation fast and easy.
Have your pick of tail styles to best suite the look you’re looking for in our outdoor oasis.
Standard beams come with aluminum while the rafters have an option for having stiffeners.

  Pergola_hero  Pergola_hero
  pergola-tails  pergola-tails
  Pergola-Layout  Pergola-Layout

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Our Prestige Pergola Photo Gallery

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