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Summer 2019 What’s New





Summer 2019


PVC Woodgrain Finish


Exciting Value ADDED Services 

Looking for exterior trim products that resists water, decay and is insect resistant but still want the stained wood look?

Our Prestige DIY Products can be pre-finished and stained by our in-house specialists using a proprietary technique which includes a top clear coat giving you an authentic wood grain look without the maintenance.

You can request stain finishes for any of our Prestige DIY Products. Choose from our four selections of Espresso, Cherry, Teak and Mahogany. Link


Prestige DIY Flex Columns


SAVE time and money

Prestige DIY Flex Columns are made with premium PVC and the “SmartLock” system which ensures true, well defined corners. 

Flex columns make it a fast and easy install for the contractors and easy for homeowners. Prestige DIY Flex columns are ideal for upgrading from wood to a new style column.

Flex saves you time and money as Prestige DIY has designed a program featuring column shaft only with an optional accessory installation squaring L method for quick and easy installation. The benefits to price-minded popular column styles is it’s without the frills of a standard program of adhesive, fasteners and skirts in turn SAVING you in excess of 25% plus.


A contractor’s time is in demand so quick access to our inventory stock program of taper, square and square recess panels, saves you time by not having to wait for a custom order. EASY assembly w/Smart Lock means there isn’t any time wasted on filling external fasteners that other products force. Prestige DIY Recess Flex provides square columns with optional use dividers to insert and quickly produce a custom look for your next project.

View our FLEX Column Installation video here  Link.

Shiplap – Gap!


Where design meets innovation! 

Ordering Prestige shiplap provides the very best and quickest installation joint. Allows for pre-finishing and optimising of material size (width/height).

Using shiplap-gap can add a touch of modern and accelerate installation to your beam wraps, fascia boards, or any long run trim detail. At the same time addresses the reality of expansion and contraction when using any exterior material, including PVC. Place your orders with shiplap or shiplap-gap for the fastest installation method. The versatility and ease of installation makes shiplap a wise choice for your next project.

View more information Link.



New Column Options


We have added two new products to our column’s page to provide you with more options for your next project.  Atlantic Flare and Barrel Flare are used to add architectural character and creates sharp, distinctive features 


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